Gas Safety Certificate

What is a Gas Safety Certificate? A Gas Certificate is basically what is says on the tin- a certification of gas safety! Post surveying and analysis of your property, be it commercial or domestic, a qualified person will declare the safety standard from a gas perspective. Said certificate, or report, will indicate the checks that […]

Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a process that is used to bring about considerable changes in the business, it is because of this fact that most people are required to undergo the Six Sigma certification course which serves as a documented proof that a person has attained certain levels and acquired capabilities in relation to the quality […]

Improving Your Mental Performance with Nootropics

You have probably heard about Nootropics and how it could alter mental functions in a positive way. These substances may come in pills as dietary supplements, while these could also be extracted from natural sources of food and drinks. It is important to note that these Nootropics or what they called as smart drugs have […]

Advantages of a research driving simulator.

Carnetsoft provides driving simulators for behavioural research at Universities and research institutes. The reasons why research simulators are used for studies into driving behaviour are: A simulator allows full control over the environment and experimental conditions. When driving in a real vehicle on public roads, two driving sessions will never be the same. While doing […]